Thursday, March 15, 2007

OpenBSD en Guatemala - Iglesia del Nazareno

Where do you use your favourite operating system? If you are like most people then the answer is "at home" or "in the office", but would you consider taking it to a jungle? That's exactly what Philip Munts did: "I recently spent two weeks using OpenBSD in a jungle village in Guatemala. I came with a group of 52 to help finish building a new Church of the Nazarene in La Esperanza Chilatz, few miles outside of Coban. We also planned to operate medical and dental clinics, and teach a number of workshops on various topics ranging from small engine repair to puppetry. I didn't have any specific assignment before our arrival, other than to help our group leader with projection equipment." Read more about how one guy's ingenuity and an old ThinkPad running OpenBSD helped make the mission a success.