Thursday, January 25, 2007


ClustrMaps es una herramienta en fase Beta, que de forma gratuita agrupa los visitantes de un sitio web en una mapa mundial. Esto es, geográficamente hablando, sitúa puntos de diferentes tamaños, en virtud de la nacionalidad de los visitantes y por área geográfica.
Tamaño de los puntos rojos:
El mas grande= 1000+
El siguiente en tamaño=10-99
El pequeñito= 1-9
La localización de las visitas se hace por IP.
La explicación que da cuando se crea el mapa:

ClustrMaps: geographic information visualization

Additional Notes about totals and map updates (for full guide see Map Key):

The map shows individual visits to the web site shown at the top of the page, clustered within a given distance.

The location of each visit is based on the IP address of the computer used.

In order for your map to be 'updated' (whether daily, weekly, or monthly) the number of visitors shown must also have grown by more than 10% since the last update. This does not mean that your grand (running) total needs to grow by this much, merely that the number shown on your currently-displayed map needs to grow by 10%. Thus, if your current map shows, at the bottom, "Total number of visits depicted above = 1420" and you are scheduled for a daily update, then the next update will be trigerred after at least 143 new visits are logged, i.e. 1 more than 10%. Logging (tallying) of visitors continues even when no updates are shown: the overnight tally from the previous day (updated just once daily at approximately 0400-0500 GMT) can be seen in your personal tables shown when you login using the Admin page.

Total/subtotal discrepancies above are typically caused either by IP addresses not currently being in the database or by the gap between counter tallies (continous) and map updates (which may be daily, weekly, or monthly).